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As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the Word, so that you may grow up in your salvation.  I Peter 2:2 

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Morning Prayer, Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - WORD(S) OF THE DAY:   GOD'S GOT US

Father God, thank You so much for praying for me and covering me when I am feeling under attack.  Amen

"31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: 32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.."  Luke 22:31-32

 “If God's got us, then we are going to be alright.  Just believe it!"
When wheat is sifted, it goes through a process of being beaten in order to dislodge the grain from the stalks and the husks.  Jesus tells Peter that the devil wants to sift him as wheat.  In other words,  he wants to break Peter's spirit.  The enemy tries to shred our peace, our joy, our strength and our courage and in the process separate us from Jesus.  Jesus says to Peter and us, don't worry about a thing, “I am praying for you” or "I got you."   Sometimes when we go through some stuff it does feel like we are being beat down.  The more you pray the more painful your situation becomes.  Hope can slip right out of the door if we are not careful to pray which draws us closer to God.  Praying is not always easy when you find yourself drowning or under attack.  In the midst of trying times when the money is funny, the bills are due, health is bad and everything seems to be crazy, the one thing we can hold on to is hope.  When you have hope, no matter what else may be going on, you can make it.  You may hear that voice saying, “It’s never going to happen,” and sometimes it is easy to fall into that negative hole, but God is still bigger than our problems.  Jesus told Peter, “I’m praying for you.”  Since we know that God is no respecter of persons, then whenever we are in the fire, the flood or just feeling the weight of world, He is with us.  He's got us.  If we can hang onto that, we can make it.  May not seem like you are going to get on the other side of this thing, but with God on your side, nothing is impossible.  

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.."  John 3:16         

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