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As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the Word, so that you may grow up in your salvation.  I Peter 2:2 

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Morning Prayer, Monday, October 21, 2019 - WORD(S) OF THE DAY:  NOT MY BUSINESS

Father God, as much as I want to offer my opinion or take sides in the affairs of those near and dear to me, remind me when I forget that it is not my business.  Amen
"And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs . . ."    I Thessalonians 4:11

"Whoever meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears."  Proverbs 26:17
"There are three sides to every argument, mine, yours and the truth."
 Have you ever heard someone say, “There are always three sides to every story?”  Let's say that someone comes and tells you about a bad encounter they had with another person who emotionally hurt them.  Because the person telling you the story is someone close to you, it is easy to get in your feelings and want to get angry with the other person.  What I have learned from my own experiences is that our recall of what happened adds to the story.  In our recollection, we all too often tell it from our perspective of what happened.  In so doing, we add to it. Know this because when I used to add my opinion and approach the other person, found out all I heard was not the truth so yes, learned my lesson.   It is for this reason that I shy away from wanting to take sides in an argument no matter who is involved.  The only other person that know what really happened is God. He wouldn't tell me because even He knows it is not my business.   Besides, I have seen it where someone takes sides in a fight between say two spouses and then the “spouses” make up.  Now here you are all of in the mix, having added your two cents, and they end up mad at you.   I have just learned to stay out of it.  Not my business.  I will pray for you to work it out but if I wasn’t there and in some cases even if I was there, still not my business because anything I add can only get me in  trouble.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.."  John 3:16         

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